I feel like a lucky person who works doing what i like most: table tennis.

Tiago Apolonia

"I started to play table tennis…

by influence of my older brother João when i was 5 years old. I liked directly so much the sport that i was playing everywhere with everyone, at home, at school and specially in my grandparents kitchen table where i was spending most of my free afternoons.
At the age of six, i started to play official tournaments and i got my first trophies rewarding the fact that i was the youngest player participating in the events. Probably that was a good inspiration for me to get the will to win medals and trophies rewarding real sport performances when i wasn't anymore the youngest.

Now, 20 years after my first "touch" with table tennis, i am proud to say that i had already a lot of sucess and that i got already many tittles. Anyway the most important is that i can say i am happy boy who gave much for table tennis but who also got unbelievable many good and nice feelings and experiences out of it.

For all that, i am grateful to all the players i practiced with, to all my coaches and to all my fans who were around me, who supported and helped me from the beginning until now. A special thanks and compliment for my family and my best friends because they are the secret of my sucess.

I will continue practicing hard everyday in order to be and make the ones who like me, even more proud
and happy."

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